A M A I K E / U S A World's Lightest & Thinnest Fabric Imported From Japan - U.S Amaike Super Organza Distributor

Baby Blue Super Organza Bolt


Made of exquisite Amaike Super Organza, the world’s lightest and thinnest fabric (5 Grams/ sq meter) from Japan. Amaike Super Organza is available in two weights, 5 grams and 10 grams. Our lightest weight, 5 grams/sq meter weighs the same as a nickel. Think of the possibilities of creating a truly stunning design with virtually no weight!

Amaike Super Organza is created with a very fine denier polyester organza thread, about ⅕ the thickness of human hair. There is an unmistakable sheen that resembles the glistening of water on Amaike Super Organza. Super Organza fabric is virtually opaque and we recommend layering fabric a minimum of 4X to see the color at its’ fullest definition.

Super Organza fabric bolts are sold in increments of 20 Meters.


1 Meter is equivalent to 1.0936 yards or 39.370 Inches

100% Polyester

5 Gram weight dimensions are 160 CM X 20 Meters.

10 Gram weight dimensions are 150 CM X 20 Meters.

Amaike Super Organza requires approx. 3-4 weeks for delivery.* Custom Prints will have a longer delivery time.

Can't find the right print for your next design? We offer custom printing and can place any image* onto our Super Organza. Create truly customized pieces for your clients and collections!

*Custom Prints- We cannot guarantee quality of prints and will send proof of image prior to orders to verify quality and coloring.


Machine Wash on Delicate in Cold Water

Place in Mesh Laundry bag to prevent snagging in washing machines.

Do Not Dry Clean

Do Not Bleach

Lay Flat to Dry

Steam or Flat Iron on Low Setting.

For questions or concerns, please contact sales@amaikeusa.com or call 616-805-0563